Experience Easier Distance


Now It’s Easier To Hit The Sweet Spot

Experience XXIO X, featuring the new True-Focus Impact Technology. By combining a larger sweet spot with a shaft that helps you find the face-center more often, XXIO X helps moderate swing speed golfers hit the ball farther and play better golf.

True-Focus Impact Technology Helps You Experience Easier Distance

New True-Focus Impact Technology is the combination of two revolutionary innovations: Smart Impact Shaft and Hi-Energy Impact Head.

Together, these two technologies actively help you strike the ball on the sweet spot so you can experience easier distance, easier accuracy, and easier golf.

Smart Impact Shaft Gives You A Better Swing

After analyzing thousands of swings, we found that most golf clubs generate a strong centrifugal force that pulls golfers off-balance.

Smart Impact Shaft uses the world’s lightest shaft material and a unique flex profile to reduce this force which tightens your impact pattern and gives you a better, more consistent swing.

Hi-Energy Impact Head Gives You The Largest Sweet Spot In XXIO History

A bigger sweet spot is easier to hit. A sweet spot strategically expanded to your most common impact locations? Now that’s easier distance.

With the highest COR XXIO has ever put into a single club head, the Hi-Energy Impact Head expands the sweet spot where you need it most so it’s easy to hit the ball farther and straighter.

Swing Faster Without Changing A Thing

Lighter components and a higher shaft balance point give XXIO X a Low Swing MOI.

That Low Swing MOI works with moderate swing speeds to generate more club head speed and more ball speed.

By adding speed without adding effort, you can enjoy extra distance without changing your swing.

Advanced Technology, Engineered For Your Game

All the complex technology inside XXIO X helps moderate swing speed golfers play with more distance, more accuracy, and more consistency.

XXIO X combines 10 generations of innovations for moderate swing speed golfers into the hottest, fastest, easiest to swing golf clubs we’ve ever produced.

Testing Proves It: XXIO X Goes Farther, Straighter And Faster

For moderate swing speeds of 95 MPH and less, XXIO X outshines all the others:

  • 1.4 MPH Faster Ball Speed
  • 1.5 YDS Higher Apex
  • 4.5 YDS Longer Carry
  • 3.0 YDS Longer Total Distance
  • 8.4 YDS Straighter

Experience XXIO X

With 10 generations of XXIO innovations and the all-new True-Focus Impact Technology, you get:

  • Easier Distance
  • Added Consistency
  • Relaxed, Easy Swing
  • Premium Look, Feel, And Quality