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XXIO Forged Irons


Experience the soft forged feel with longer, more consistent iron performance in XXIO Forged Irons.

Built for Distance. Forged for Feel.

XXIO Forged irons boost your distance on all shots while providing a soft forged feel. Get score-dropping performance and premium soft feel from precision crafted XXIO Forged irons.

Superior artisanship, advanced manufacturing, and performance-boosting design make XXIO Forged the ultimate premium forged iron for moderate swing speed golfers seeking distance gains and soft forged feel.

XXIO Forged Irons have lower tolerances and greater consistency— precision forging means reliable performance from every XXIO Forged Iron. While the pure, understated design is perfect for golfers who prefer refined aesthetics, cutting-edge technology like the V.T. Sole, a thinner face, and proprietary graphite shaft construction is how XXIO Forged performs as good as it looks.

Forged for Soft Feel

The body of XXIO Forged Irons is precision forged from a single billet of soft Mild Carbon Steel. Craftsmen heat the steel until it is red hot and ready to be shaped. After passing through a succession of dies within powerful hydraulic presses, workers forge the steel into the shape of an iron. The result is a very soft, very precise golf iron with all the technology you need to score low and enjoy your round.

Tour V.T. Sole for Better Ball Strikes

XXIO Forged Irons use the V-Shaped Tour V.T. Sole to optimize your turf interaction and provide a smooth, easy swing. Because most moderate swing speed golfers strike the turf before the ball, the Tour V.T. sole helps you maintain speed with efficient turf interaction.

The V-Shaped sole helps you cut through the turf thanks to its higher bounce and increased overall sole width. For moderate swing speed golfers with a steep angle of attach, XXIO Forged prevents digging and increases distance with improved ball striking on fat shots.

Thinner, Hotter Face for Distance

XXIO Forged Irons have an extremely thin face. With this thin area expanded 20% over the previous model, XXIO Forged Irons have a massive sweet spot.

COR across the face is high, with the center of the face boasting exceptionally high COR and the sides offering increased COR. This expanded thinness makes XXIO Forged Irons extremely hot, providing remarkable distance performance with a massive sweet spot.

You’ll launch the ball higher, faster and longer with improved COR values across the face. Yet the forged steel will still give you very soft feel. With distance and feel, the thin face on every XXIO Forged Iron gives you the best of both worlds.

Efficient Shaft Flex Profile for Speed

The butt section of the N.S. PRO 930GH DST Steel shaft and the XXIO MX-6000 Graphite shaft is softer which moves the balance point closer to the grip-end of the club. This optimized flex profile allows a moderate swing speed golfer to generate more speed throughout the swing without any added effort. XXIO Forged Iron Shafts instantly boost your distance without any swing adjustments.

A stiffer tip section in both the N.S. PRO 930GH DST Steel shaft and the XXIO MX-6000 Graphite shaft increases consistency at impact. Stiffer tips result in a more predictable club head position through the downswing. This consistency makes it easier to find the sweet spot and hit your iron shots with maximum distance and control.

Three-Tiered Sole


Improves shot consistency and tightens dispersion.


Feel Balancing Technology


Expanded thin face area increases ball speed and distance.


Optimized Loft


Club design maximized efficiency of swing path to enhance acceleration.




4 22.0° 60.5° 7.0° -13.5 3.0 38.5
5 24.0° 61.0° 7.0° -12.0 3.0 38.0
6 27.0° 61.5° 7.5° -11.5 3.5 37.5
7 30.0° 62.0° 7.5° -11.0 3.5 37.0
8 34.0° 62.5° 8.5° -10.5 3.5 36.5
9 39.0° 63.0° 9.0° -9.0 4.0 36.0
PW 44.0° 63.5° 9.5° -7.5 4.5 35.5
AW 50.0° 63.5° 7.0° 5.5 35.5
SW 56.0° 63.5° 12.0° 12.0° 5.5 35.5